Woman's march - Boston

20 Jan 2019 | photography

Despite general dislike of the public gatherings of any sort, protests (the peaceful ones at least) can be a fun day-trips into the world of strong opinions and freedom of speech that are usually strange to me. I managed to spend some time hanging out with friends at the third annual Women’s March in Boston last weekend.

According to Boston Herald, “hundreds of people marched through downtown Boston Saturday as part of the third Boston Women’s March, in an act meant to show solidarity and a commitment to their fight for more civil and social rights”.

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Tales of a rental: headrest

A recent switch to the professional world, as well as the annoyance of owning a car in the city, led me to frequent the rent-a-car agencies in the area. While most cars are generally boring and uninspiring affairs that suffice my grocery shopping needs [1], last weekend’s one was particularly bad, for detail that I never even think about in most cars - a headrest.