Neural Style

31 Aug 2015 | deep learning, opinion, TIL

I have been interested in neural networks for a long time. In the recent couple of months, I have started to look more into convolutional neural networks, as I was growing more and more interested in doing research with the Visual Learning Group here at Dartmouth. In the process, I have seen some amazing work and read some amazing papers.

Although I read more and more algorithms related papers, this application one seemed really cool.

twitter post from Karpathy

And the best thing –  it was not written by computer scientists. No authors were computer scientist by training, and I find that to be very inspirational: it means that tools such as neural networks became exactly that – tools.

Good job, and keep on with the cool stuff.

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Colemak, or on the safe typing

Here is an thought - what if sitting and typing can cause one of the most common workplace injuries in the current age? Apparently, RSI is a real thing once you’re old enough. Funny enough, I’m actually becoming old enough to consider the risks my future job will have, on my body. So far, I realized that whatever I do, I’ll include spending at least 5 hours a day behind the keyboard. For the next 40 years (or until we come up with better input sources). That’s not a promising start, even if I’m used to common strain injuries (wee “varsity” sports).