26 Nov 2016 | food, events

Every year, millions of Americans indulge in collective act of gluttony, also known as Thanksgiving. While most schools only have couple of days off for that particular occasion, (meaning most of them would not bother to go home) Dartmouth students, thanks to our beloved quarter system, get a six-week break from just before Thanksgiving to the first Monday of January. This is great for all, except for internationals who have nowhere to go. Campus is usually empty thus leaving us with no opportunity to join the feast.

Colemak, or on the safe typing

06 Oct 2016 | opinion, personal

Here is an thought - what if sitting and typing can cause one of the most common workplace injuries in the current age? Apparently, RSI is a real thing once you’re old enough. Funny enough, I’m actually becoming old enough to consider the risks my future job will have, on my body. So far, I realized that whatever I do, I’ll include spending at least 5 hours a day behind the keyboard. For the next 40 years (or until we come up with better input sources). That’s not a promising start, even if I’m used to common strain injuries (wee “varsity” sports).

Neural Style

31 Aug 2015 | deep learning, opinion, TIL

I have been interested in neural networks for a long time. In the recent couple of months, I have started to look more into convolutional neural networks, as I was growing more and more interested in doing research with the Visual Learning Group here at Dartmouth. In the process, I have seen some amazing work and read some amazing papers.

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