Woman's march - Boston

20 Jan 2019 | photography

Despite general dislike of the public gatherings of any sort, protests (the peaceful ones at least) can be a fun day-trips into the world of strong opinions and freedom of speech that are usually strange to me. I managed to spend some time hanging out with friends at the third annual Women’s March in Boston last weekend.

Tales of a rental: headrest

07 Jan 2019 | TIL, misc

A recent switch to the professional world, as well as the annoyance of owning a car in the city, led me to frequent the rent-a-car agencies in the area. While most cars are generally boring and uninspiring affairs that suffice my grocery shopping needs [1], last weekend’s one was particularly bad, for detail that I never even think about in most cars - a headrest.

Merry Christmas

24 Dec 2018 | personal, misc

It is the night before Christmas and Bill and I are looking through the window, listening to the Nutcracker recording from before I was born. We are deciding which movie to watch after the day of cooking, fine food and extensive alcoholization. After Bill made me watch ‘64 Tokyo Olympics on a laser disc), and we finished the roasted chestnuts and Tasmanian whiskey combo*, we figured it is just about the time to watch a movie.

A long slow goodbye

23 Sep 2018 | personal

For quite some time, I wanted to write something following Bourdain’s suicide, but I never got to it. Partially because I don’t really think there is anything that I could write about that would add anything meaningful to the debate, but mostly because he was sort of a hero to me. In my mind he was an embodiment of everything good and bad in life - he made good decisions, he made bad ones; he talked about the hedonistic aspects of life as honestly, as he did about the nasty painful ones. He had dined at the best restaurants in the world, and still loved his In-and-Out, he took President Obama not in the equivalent of Per Se or Alinea, but to the small shack in Vietnam. His shows felt real and some of them (like the Croatian one, or the Seattle one) sometimes even felt like he was channeling some of my experiences from those places. It’s a shame, we are only getting seven more weeks of it.

New Chapter

09 Sep 2018 | personal

This is it - school is over and tomorrow marks the first day of my working career. It has been long coming and definitely did not end up according to plan (so far nothing I have ever planned ended up working), but funnily enough, it ended up even better. I’m immensely proud to say that I’ll be joining Facebook AI’s video understanding team tomorrow, where I plan to continue to develop my work on video understanding in pursue of a doctorate degree. It has been a long journey, and I hope to continue on in the right direction.

March challenge: dictionary words

31 Mar 2018 | personal, TIL

A challenge for March was to find and use a new word every day. It was a fun one, and almost certainly a useful one as well. I used both the dictionary (Oxford or Webster Pocket - whatever was closer), and Merriam-Webster’s word of the day feature.

Updating my text editor

14 Mar 2018 | programming, opinion, misc

The text editor is likely the software in which programmers (and those who sell themselves like ones, i.e. myself) spend the most time, thus it is vital that the tool of choice is up to the job. However, choice of the code editor is somewhat controversial.

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